About Us

SYKES GENERAL CONTRACTORS, INC. is a licensed General Contractor providing exemplary construction services since 1976. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are leaders in a competitive construction industry and we strive for the highest quality work in each project we complete. Our success has earned us a reputation as one of the premiere contractors in the Homeowner’s Association industry. We perform construction repairs to multi-residential dwellings and single-family residences, as well as services for small- and large-scale maintenance projects. We work effectively with attorneys through all levels of destructive testing, investigation, and the repair process.     

It’s what you don’t see that matters...

Our strengths continue to reside in quality work and personal attention to detail. Our success stems from our desire to provide high quality construction services, protect our Client’s interest, and minimize their risk – saving them time and money. The quality of the work is inspected and scrutinized as though it were our own homes on which we are working.  

Our Promise

  • We are committed to maintaining a clean project site that provides safe access
  • We employ fully-insured, skilled craftsmen who are experienced in California building codes
  • We meet all HOA Property and Project Certification Requirements