We specialize in…

  • Multi-Residential Reconstruction Repairs
         –     Balcony Decks
         –     Siding & Trim
         –     Windows & Doors
  • Large and Small Maintenance Repairs
  • Destructive Testing and Investigation

We perform construction repairs to multi-residential dwellings and single-family residences, as well as services for small- and large-scale maintenance projects.

Our staff works effectively with attorneys through all levels of destructive testing, investigation, and the repair process. 

Sykes General Contractors, Inc. employs fully-insured, skilled craftsmen who are experienced in owner occupied buildings.

Our services include:

Water Intrusion Repair & Prevention

Litigation Expert Witness & Cost Analysis Services

Construction Phasing & Repair Planning

Comprehensive Cost Estimating & Project Evaluations

Cost-Effective Solutions

Professional Project Management & Client Services

Reconstruction Specialists

Sykes General Contractors, Inc. offers a Full-Service Construction Division.
We are known for our attention to detail and the efficient manner in which our work is carried out. 
Sykes continues to build our relationships by caring about our clients, acting honorably, and valuing fairness, respect, and dedication. With our construction experience, communication skills, and quality control, we are able to provide clients with excellent production and safety.
We continually strive to exceed expectations.